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Necessary English to Live and Work in the USA

This useful book provides the important English you need for everyday life. Pronunciation keys based on Spanish vowel sounds, provide instant and correct English pronunciation. Take this handy book with you anywhere to help you feel more confident. Simple grammar lessons plus an English/Spanish dictionary of the most useful words are included. Over one million books are now in use in the USA. The low price makes this 122-page book affordable for any school or individual.

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Rapid and Practical English

33 Lessons, each with real-life photo conversations which readers can easily relate to their daily lives. English structures are clear and simple for students even those with little formal education. Includes an English/Spanish dictionary with 100 practical words that you need to know. The pronunciation keys allow you to pronounce the guides as if they were Spanish words. Especially useful for teachers who don't speak Spanish. You will practice speaking, reading and writing in English and discover that learning English can be easy and fun.

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Singing songs is a powerful and proven tool for learning a new language. When you sing along with the singer, you are practicing good pronunciation, grammar structure, new vocabulary, and common American expressions. Best of all it makes learning fun! Songs we memorize stay in our brains forever. The enclosed CD has 16 popular songs with English lyrics and melodies that are familiar to everyone. Just follow the words in the book and sing along with the singer. Each song is followed by a grammar lesson that helps you practice the vocabulary from the songs.

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